Jasper McMulkin is a self-taught woodworker born and raised in The Beaches neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario. Although he is a trained professional steel-framer, Jasper's true passion is woodworking and spends most of his free time perfecting his craft. "In my spare time, when I'm not [woodworking], I'm looking for inspiration and researching techniques." 

Jasper decided to make things he couldn't just buy. Instead of working with live-edge wood, he strictly sources scrap material. "A lot of times, I'll find a piece of wood and I'll just like it and take it home not knowing what to do with it." Jasper's philosophy is to "make things as good as he possibly can." 


Favourite Wood: "Anything curly, like tiger-stripe curly."

Favourite Carving Wood: "Walnut - don't think it's easy, I'm just used to and familiar with it."