Naniwa Traditional Whetstone #8000


  • Naniwa Traditional Whetstone #8000
  • Naniwa Traditional Whetstone #8000
  • Naniwa Traditional Whetstone #8000

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A fine grit stone is a great tool for pushing the edge a bit further and creating a near-mirror finish on a wide bevel. The #8000 grit stone gives a very refined edge that allows you treat the ingredients with respect by preserving their texture and integrity.  In addition, it is a great range to have for most single sided tools sharpening or straight razor honing.

Recommended usage:  This is a true splash-and-go stone, and extended water exposure after sharpening will lead to micro-cracking on the surface. Be sure to wipe the stone dry before putting away. This #8000 stone excels at creating a very toothy edge, with a level of polish finer than other stones in the simliar grit range. The stone is hard, but very fast at removing steel without generating much slurry. We recommend this stone only for edge sharpening, ura sharpening, and not for wide bevel polishing. If you were searching for a fine grit stone that provides an aggressive feeling, this is the stone. 

Brand: Naniwa ナニワ研磨工業
Product Type: Whetstone
Grit: #8000
Grain Scale: Fine

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