Morihei Hishiboshi Karasu Whetstone #9000


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A fine grit stone is a great tool for pushing the edge to a limit, and creating a mirror finish on a wide bevel. The #9000 grit stone gives a superb edge that allows you treat the ingredients with respect by preserving their texture and integrity. In addition, it is a great range to have for most single sided tools (both front and Ura) or straight razor honing. 

Recommended usage:  This is a splash-and-go stone, and it feels just hard enough for many usages. It creates a bright polish on the hard steel, without generating much slurry on its own, and quite good for maintaining an ura of single bevel knives. With slurry, wide bevel polishing is possible, so recommend either a diamond nagura or an ATOMA for raising the stone mud before polishing. We highly recommend this stone for creating a fine edge on slicers, and honing straight razor. 

Brand: Morihei 森平
Product Type: Whetstone
Grit: #9000
Grain Scale: Fine

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