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Nenohi Stainless Fish Scaler


Fish scalers date back to ancient times and are still a commonly used tool in modern kitchens. Constructed from stainless steel, these scalers are tough and corrosion resistant, able to dislodge the scales of even the toughest fish. Using a scaler is safer and more efficient than a knife, allowing the user to keep their hands away from sharp fins. With 28 teeth, this scaler is ideal for working on medium to large fish such as salmon and king mackerel.

Compared to our brass scalers, these come with more bite and are great for dislodging tougher scales. Excellent for home cooks who enjoy preparing whole fish as well as those working in seafood markets.

Though we don’t recommend scaling at home because it can be an extremely messy process, if you want to be that person, please place the fish inside a plastic bag while scaling because it makes cleaning up a lot easier. Less yelling from your mother/spouse after finding scales in random spots over your kitchen walls, floors and hair.

Note: it is important to rinse these scalers clean after each use, since residual salt can cause them to rust.

Brand: Nenohi 子の日

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