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Taihei Custom Shitan Rosewood Octagonal with Blonde Buffalo Horn Ferrule (<180mm)

Length 134mm
Width 21mm
Height 26mm
Weight 53g

Recommended for 165mm Santoku, 165mm Nakiri, 180mm Gyuto, or 180mm Usuba.

After learning the craft of handle making from his father, Taihei has been challenging handle making traditions by using unconventional woods from around the world. He spends countless hours cutting and shaping each piece by hand in his workshop in Japan.

If you are looking for a classic Japanese knife handle, you couldn’t find many others that compare with Taihei’s dedication to quality and attention to detail. He carefully studies the differences between each individual piece, as their look and qualities can vary drastically from tree to tree and horn to horn. He says, “If people have been using that wood for a long time, there is a reason that you cannot understand it within 10 or 20 years.”

Taihei has masterfully paired buffalo horn with a type of rosewood known for a vibrant red color and extreme density called ‘Shitan Rosewood’. It is often used for ornaments and musical instruments like shamisen and guitars. The handle’s oval shape provides a comfortable grip for any cutting style regardless if you are right or left handle. The buffalo horn ferrule increases the handles durability and is an elegant upgrade to the resin ferrules found on the  handles of other Japanese knives.

To maintain its timeless look, hand wash the handle with a mild dish soap and wipe it dry to avoid any excess moisture retention. You can also seal the wood with a food safe sealant such as beeswax. Oils such as linseed and tung oil would also be appropriate, though they would darken the colour of the wood significantly.

Brand: Taihei

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