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Hitohira Togashi White #2 Kurouchi Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm Tagayasan Handle


Hitohira Togashi knives have some of the best steel treatment, aesthetics, and fit and finish from Hitohira. Kenji Togashi-san is a mastersmith who works almost exclusively with the family sharpener to create superb cutting tools that are extremely rewarding to sharpen. We recommend Togashi blades to cooks with a deep appreciation for craft and forging, with a healthy interest in hand sharpening and polishing with whetstones.

The Togashi White #2 Kurouchi series is a great way to get a master hand-forged blade at a reasonable price. It features a prominent wide bevel which is extremely thin behind the edge. The Togashi’s in-house sharpener’s skill level is on display here and we are very happy to see the improvements in each batch of these. The extra attention to detail on the mirror finished choil area adds to the comfort when using a pinch grip.

Featuring a carbon steel edge forged from Hitachi White #2 steel, these are ideal for professional and home chefs who are appreciative of smooth cutting performance and ease of re-sharpening in their blades. Its exceptionally thin edge is made to be used with care, and the iron cladding means the entire blade needs to be kept dry as soon as possible post-usage / during usage. Otherwise one can expect chipping along the edge and the patina can easily turn to rust. However, if you treat it with respect and use it slowly at first, you won’t have any issues.

If you are looking for a blade that has a great potential sharpness, and nimble in hand-feel blade, these rustic Togashi blades are the ones for you.

Brand: Hitohira ひとひら
Blacksmith: Togashi Blacksmith 富樫打刃物製作所
Producing Area: Sakai-Osaka/ Japan
Profile: Kiritsuke Gyuto
Size: 210mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: White (Shirogami) #2, Soft Iron Clad
Handle: Tagayasan & Ebony Ferrule Octagonal
Total Length: 360mm
Edge Length: 198mm
Handle to Tip Length: 212mm
Blade Height: 51mm
Thickness: 2.1mm
Handle Length: 142mm
Weight: 183g
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Sharpener: Kenya Togashi

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