Jiro Tsuchime Wa Petty 150mm Taihei Tagayasan Handle (#315)


  • Jiro Tsuchime Wa Petty 150mm Taihei Tagayasan Handle (#315)
  • Jiro Tsuchime Wa Petty 150mm Taihei Tagayasan Handle (#315)
  • Jiro Tsuchime Wa Petty 150mm Taihei Tagayasan Handle (#315)

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Jiro Nakagawa-san is a true one-man shokunin that lives alone in the countryside. He sought out skilled craftsmen around Japan including a master sword polisher to learn the techniques of manipulating traditional materials, and have practiced the art of calligraphy for over 20 years to enhance his hand chiseling/engraving. His unique skill sets, humility, and will to improve all of his domain as a craftman (he is even on Instagram, @jiro2310) make all Jiro forged items worth treasuring for years to come. We are honoured to carry his work, and cannot wait to see what amazing work he will be putting out in the future. 

From Hitohira:

"Spots you can see that have different colours on the steel are called "Aike" or "Goma Hada" (Sesame skin) which shows up because some dust gets in during forging, or because of the inconsistency of carbon content.

Modern knife making often uses higher temperatures to avoid this from happening, but it is ideal to use lower temperatures because it keeps more carbon content inside the steel, rather than burning it away.

If you ever seen old knives (when everyone was doing forge-welding/lamination by themselves instead of using a pre-cladded stock/blade blanks) you can see a lot of Aike because when you weld Jigane and Hagane at the best temperature, there is always some leftover agent for hand-laminating/welding, it shows up as Aike or Goma Hada later.

Please understand that Jiro is trying to not only make the surface clean, but he is trying to make the whole forging/ quenching process under the best condition of his White #1 carbon steel, so actual edge quality is most important for us."

Brand: Jiro 次郎
Blacksmith: Jiro Nakagawa 中川 次郎
Producing Area: Nagano/ Japan
Profile: Petty
Size: 150mm
Steel: Yasuki White (Shirogami) #1, Soft Iron Clad
Handle: Taihei Tagayasan & Buffalo Horn Ferrule Octagonal
Total Length: 283mm
Edge Length: 145mm
Handle to Tip Length: 161mm
Blade Height: 42mm
Thickness: 6.2mm
Handle Length: 122mm
Weight: 127g
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Date of manufacture: November 2021

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