Morihei Hisamoto Vintage Carving Scimitar 330mm Ebony Handle (#5)

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  • Morihei Hisamoto Vintage Carving Scimitar 330mm Ebony Handle (#5)
  • Morihei Hisamoto Vintage Carving Scimitar 330mm Ebony Handle (#5)

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Hisamoto carving knives are extremely unique in both shape and construction - we were told that they were made at least 20 years ago, and that these knives were kept aside because our supplier in Japan was not sure if these might be categorized as ‘weapons’, due to their unique shape.

Long and curved blades such as these will be perfect for portioning and carving large primal cuts of meat both in their raw or cooked states. Just imagine carving prime ribs during Thanksgiving and Christmas with these! 

The blades were made entirely out of one piece of high quality carbon steel, forged by hand, quenched in water (technically Mizu Honyaki), and filed and sanded down without the usage of die tools. This way of blade making is not very common nowadays, since most of the bolsters are made separate from the blade and get welded on, and rough shapes are cut by stamping machines. Even the guard on a few of these knives are forged and probably took a long time. 
Though the steel type was not disclosed, a few touch-up sessions indicate the steel is very hard (roughly 63 HRC would be our guess) and takes a fine yet toothy edges, perfect for slicing tasks for a long time. 

We are incredibly privileged to carry these as the construction method suggests the craftsmen were very talented, and these are the last of the blades with such shapes. Those who are lucky enough to have the need for carving meat often, we highly recommend these rare and unique blades.


Brand: Morihei 森平
Profile: Scimitar
Size: 330mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: Honyaki Unclassified (Carbon Steel)
Handle: Ebony
Total Length: 457mm
Edge Length: 326mm
Blade Height: 34mm
Thickness: 2.8mm
Weight: 389g
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Date of manufacture: 1990-2000

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