Takeda NAS Seiryu Hatchet 80mm Oak Handle


  • Takeda NAS Seiryu Hatchet 80mm Oak Handle
  • Takeda NAS Seiryu Hatchet 80mm Oak Handle
  • Takeda NAS Seiryu Hatchet 80mm Oak Handle

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Shosui Takeda is a third generation blacksmith from Niimi, Okayama. His pursuit to improve with each knife he makes is evident in every blade. He and his two workers have been making the same style of kitchen knives for decades. Takeda san has worked to perfect one of the most challenging steels for a blacksmith to forge. Hitachi Blue Super steel boasts one of the best edge retentions of any steel, it is also very difficult to work with. Takeda is regarded as one of the few knife-makers to master this material, and yet he continues to improve.
This small sheath knife is the last of all "Japan Knives" made by Takeda Hamono. The handles are coated with a natural lacquer that comes from the sap of an urushi tree. The art of the urushi application in Japan dates back 9,000 years ago. Since the sap is toxic when wet, and neutral when dry, only skilled crafts people who understand the nature of urushi can layer the lacquer in a way that will look beautiful.
This knife is perfect for being in the outdoors. Small enough for stick whittling and wood carvings. Fits perfectly under one's finger or thumb.


Brand: Takeda 武田刃物
Blacksmith: Shosui Takeda 武田 松水
Producing Area: Niimi-Okayama/ Japan
Size: 80mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: Blue (Aogami) Super, Soft Stainless Clad
Handle: Oak
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Total Length: 193mm
Edge Length: 81mm
Handle to Tip Length: 86mm
Blade Height: 26mm
Thickness: 3mm
Handle Length: 107mm
Weight: 112g
Hardness: 63HRC
Come with Sheath

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