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Tosho Knife Arts Godai White #1 Stainless Clad Kurouchi Gyuto 240mm Burnt Chestnut Handle


*Please note that the product images and details show the Fire (火) Godai. DHL customs have delayed the Water (水), Wind (風), and Void (空) Godai's from arriving at Tosho. Once purchased, the knives will be shipped out to the buyer as soon as we received it. (ETA 4 - 6 weeks until delivery)

Lucky Buyers: Email us for any questions or concerns! 

Kawashima-san, whose Sword Making name is ‘Osafune Kotarou’, has over thirty years of Forging experience, and has training both in Nihonto under Kuniie Yoshihara- a Master of Bizen-style Sword Forging, as well as training from Masanao Tanaka, a Master of Seki-style Sword Making. Kawashima-san also credits a fair amount of his outlook on being a blacksmith from a long conversation he had with the World Renowned Shigefusa. Across Kawashima-san’s 30 Year Career as a Blacksmith, he has made many custom knives for personal friends and Japanese Chefs; but Tosho’s GODAI will be the first commercially available line he’s ever produced.

For the product name, Kawashima-san wanted to pick something that had personal meaning to him, and after some deliberation, elected for GODAI. GODAI are the traditional Five Elements in Japanese Buddhist philosophy, a way of thought whose influence is still felt today within Japanese culture. Each of these Five Elements have an intrinsic set of values or principles associated with them; and it is the interconnection of all Five that- within this philosophy -form the basic building blocks of everything that exists.

Kawashima-san forges these knives in Stainless Clad White 1 steel, and gives them a beautiful Kurouchi finish. Next, the blades are sent to Ivan Fonseca, who gives the knives a complete pass for both sharpening and polishing; taking the blade to a full hamaguri (curved) down to the edge for performance, and then cutting in a slight microbevel for stability. The final cutting edge, finished on one of Ivan’s personal favorite Natural Stones, has an insane hair-popping sharpness, yet food-gripping-toothiness that we know customers are going to love.

Every GODAI we release will come in a full package inspired heavily of Nihonto tradition. Each blade will have:

- A Custom-fit Ho Wood Saya

- A half-octagonal, half-rounded Burnt Chestnut handle, with buffalo horn ferrule

- Will be engraved with one of the Five Elements of GODAI- one of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind or Void, decided by Kawashima-san during the creation of that blade

- A Katana Bukuro, or a Japanese Fabric Bag, used for storage

- A ‘Relief’, or graphite impression of the Tang of the specific blade you are purchasing, which includes a Production Number, as well as the date the blade was Forged

- A kiri box, with Kawashima-san’s Sword Making name, OSAFUNE KOTAROU, as well as a stamp of his personal Hanko

For many years it has been Tosho’s- but especially Ivan Fonseca’s -Dream to be able to make custom projects like this happen; to create projects with some of the most talented yet-untapped Blacksmithing talent in Japan. The GODAI is just the first in what we hope are many new lines Ivan has spent years trying to cultivate. We hope you all are as excited as we are with this release!

A chef's knife ('Gyuto' in Japanese) is the most versatile blade that can handle almost anything in the kitchen. Their shape and often generous edge length mean that whether it's cutting small tomatoes or portioning a large roast, you can do it with one blade. Most cooks have multiple chef's knives and it is not hard to justify getting one more when it has so much utility.

Brand: Tosho Knife Arts
Blacksmith: Kazuki Kawashima
Profile: Gyuto
Size: 240mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: White (Shirogami) #1, Soft Stainless Clad
Handle: Burnt Chestnut & Buffalo Horn Ferrule Half Octagonal
Total Length: 398mm
Edge Length: 239mm
Handle to Tip Length: 251mm
Blade Height: 54mm
Thickness: 3.7mm
Handle Length: 143mm
Weight: 212g
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Come with Saya & Kiri Box

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