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H&K Ebony Octagonal with Blonde Buffalo Horn Ferrule Handle (<300mm)

Length 144mm
Width 24mm
Height 28.5mm
Weight 78g

Recommended for 240mm Gyuto, or 300mm Sujihiki / Yanagiba.

Oftentimes Ebony handles are reserved for high end, professional knives, but these handles From H&K bring that same professional feel to any knife you may decide to pair it with. 

Most knife handles with similar shape tend to be quite sleek with little to no taper. These pieces do the opposite, boasting a 4mm difference between the butt end and the horn ferrule. The ridges along the sides of its octagonal shape remain even despite that taper. It may seem like small details, but those differences make for a very secure and robust feeling for right or left handed users. The white buffalo Horn Ferrule provides a different grip feel, contrasting the sleek ebony.

Ebony wood is a tight grained exotic hardwood used historically in decorative wood work and musical instruments due to its durability and beauty. It would withstand the wear and tear from daily use in any kitchen, maintaining its classic look.

To keep the handle looking best, hand wash with a mild dish soap and wipe it dry to avoid any excess moisture retention. You can also seal the wood with a food safe sealant such as beeswax. Oils like linseed and tung oil would also be appropriate, though they would darken the color of the wood.

Brand: H&K

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