Kaneshige Hinoki Cutting Board


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Brand: Kaneshige 堺金重 
Material: Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) wood
Size: 480mm x 300mm x 13mm

These lightweight cutting boards are great for any kitchens, and easier on your blades' edges than bamboo or hardwood (side grain) cutting boards. These are large enough to prep comfortably, without the struggle to fit them into a sink for washing afterward. These are amazing as gifts that will impress the recipient in more ways than one. (hint: the perfume from the cypress wood when you open the box is incredible!)

Do oil these regularly (we recommend these), and handwash, please! 

Some tips we would like to share with you about the cutting boards:

1. Damp the surface with a bit of water before use to close the pores of the wood. This will help prevent odors like garlic or onions from sticking to the board.

2. Do not use serrated knives such as bread knives on these soft boards. Serrated edges will easily gouge the surface. These soft boards are wonderful and gentle against your other kitchen knives and will prolong edge life compared to harder cutting surfaces.

3. Use a rubber mat underneath the board to anchor it to a countertop or kitchen surface to keep it in place. Avoid using a damp towel to anchor the board. Since hinoki is a porous wood, it will absorb the water from the damp towel if kept underneath for a long period of time and cause it to warp.

4. If the board does warp, you can flatten it at home if you have a steam iron. Simply steam the concaved surface up with a large damp towel big enough to cover the entire board on a flat surface. Steam on high heat using gentle pressure. Once the board is flat against your surface, remove the towel and let the board dry upright against the wall or upright in a dish rack.

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