Naniwa Mini Professional Whetstone #3000 (Yamato)


  • Naniwa Mini Professional Whetstone #3000 (Yamato)
  • Naniwa Mini Professional Whetstone #3000 (Yamato)
  • Naniwa Mini Professional Whetstone #3000 (Yamato)

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A mini-version of the ever-popular Naniwa Professional stones. The Yamato line is perfect for all sharpeners/cooks as they are budget-friendly, lightweight, and compact. The best value for making amazing edges for years to come. It does work with our 1-2-3 Stone Holder/Ito Stone holder but if you wish to purchase the designated holder, click here.

We recommend using the Atoma Small Diamond Plate (with Handle) to flatten and maintain this line of mini stones.

A fine grit stone is a great tool for pushing the edge a bit further, and a #3000 grit finish gives you similar refinement without sacrificing too much of the edge retention of finer stones. In addition, it is a practical range to have as a touch-up stone for professional cooks and home cooks alike. 

Recommended usage: This is a splash-and-go stone, meaning no soaking prior to usage necessary. It excels at creating a toothy, yet refined feeling edge for almost all types of steels. It feels a bit finer than other #3000 stones and has great sharpening speed. We highly recommend this stone to anyone seriously interested in maintaining a toothy edge on his/her Japanese knives, but we do not recommend this stone for polishing wide bevels as it creates very little slurry on its own, and contrast.

Brand: Naniwa ナニワ研磨工業
Product Type: Whetstone
Grit: #3000

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