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Hatsukokoro Blue #2 Shirasagi Kurouchi Tsuchime Honesuki Kaku 150mm Wenge Handle


Hatsukokoro’s Shirasagi line translates to “egret” (a white, heron-like bird) and is forged by Tamura Toru. The sharpener for this line is Myojin Tateo, father of famous sharpener Myojin Naohito who is known for his work on knives such as the Fujiyama series from Konosuke. Hatsukokoro knives are known for a beautiful grind and polish, as well as generous heel height to prevent knuckles from contacting the board when cutting. 

Sporting a rustic hammered finish on the hira (flat), knives from the Shirasagi Blue #2 line boast great edge retention and performance while remaining very easy to sharpen. Like the Kumokage line, the generous thickness in the spines of these blades and high degree of convexity lends its users a sturdy, weighted feel in the hand and excellent durability overall. Because of the ample amount of steel used in the construction, these are a great choice for wide bevel sharpening beginners. Finally, the urasuki is expertly ground for ease of sharpening, and is very nice for its price.

Note: the out of box edge is non-existent. We recommend sharpening the cutting edge before putting it through its paces. Keep dry to avoid rust. 

This single bevel Honesuki is a boning knife specifically designed for, but not limited to, processing poultry. The sturdy and pointy tip allows the user to be more precise and waste less, and the protruding heel means you can use it for separating cartilage with ease. If you are comfortable getting a whole chicken, or larger cuts of pork or lamb from the butcher to make it exactly how you want it, this is a great knife to have around.

Brand: Hatsukokoro
Blacksmith: Tamura Toru
Producing Area: Tosa-Kochi/ Japan
Profile: Honesuki Kaku
Size: 150mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: Blue (Aogami) #2, Soft Iron Clad
Handle: Wenge & Buffalo Horn Ferrule Right Handed D-Shape
Total Length: 285mm
Edge Length: 145mm
Handle to Tip Length: 155mm
Blade Height: 43mm
Thickness: 4.12mm
Handle Length: 131mm
Weight: 158g
Hand Orientation: Right Handed
Hardness: 61-62HRC

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