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Komon Stainless Steel Grill Skewers (20 pcs)


These skewers are made in Sanjo-city using high-quality stainless steel. The tips are sharpened to a very fine apex, allowing you to pierce tough or slippery surfaces of food items easily (residual silver skins, gristle, fish skin, fatty poultry skins, pork rind etc).

The smooth and circular shape of these skewers allow you to gently rotate them in your fingers during the cooking process in order to prevent the skewers from sticking onto the meats. In additon, the thinness allows you to use multiple skewers per item without jeopardizing the integrity of the food or control during cooking. 

We highly recommend these quality skewers to professional cooks and yakitori-style grill aficionados willing to venture out. These are perfect for grilling and cooking larger pieces of proteins over binchotan, then plating it as a part of a composed dish.  

*CAUTION: DO NOT SERVE FOOD ITEMS ON THESE SKEWERS DIRECTLY. THE SHARPENED TIPS ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO EAT OFF OF. You wouldn't eat from a knife's tip. Same deal with these. These tips can cause serious injury if not used or stored carefully. 

Brand: Komon
Material: Stainless Steel
Producing Area: Sanjo, Niigata
Diameter: 2mm

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