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Tosho x Tatsuto Yamano Tamahagane Hamon Dog Tag 925 Silver Chain (Ivan Polished / #001)

Chain Length 700mm  27.56in
Dogtag Length 45mm 1.77in
Dogtag Width 24mm 0.94in
Dogtag Thickness 2mm 0.08in
Total Weight 32g 1.13oz

These unique dog tags are made from Tamahagane (a type of steel traditionally used in Japanese swords) forged by Tatsuto Yamano and polished by Tosho Knife Art's co-founder, Ivan Fonseca. The Tamahagane plate in which these dog tags are made of is from a Wakizashi made by Yamano-san (currently available only at Tosho Knife Arts).

This particular dog tag has a Hamon (a line that is found on honyaki blades to indicate the differentially hardened area, typically with the use of clay before quenching) around the outer edge done without the use of clay. This technique is called Zubayaki, and only a skilled swordsmith can pull this off. Ivan utilizes NSK diamond stones to prepare the steel surface before moving on to Natural Stones. For the final step, Ivan then uses sword polishing techniques to bring out the intricate details and colours of the steel and the Hamon. The resulting finish is magical, as if looking through the window to another dimension. We are absolutely thrilled to release this truly one-of-a-kind piece.

How to properly care and use Tamahagane jewelry:

-Keep dry during and after wearing it. 

-Please do not wear Tamahagane jewelry near the skin if you are sensitive or allergic to metal jewelry.

Brand: Tosho Knife Arts
Chain Material: 925 Silver
Swordsmith: Tatsuto Yamano
Polisher: Ivan Fonseca

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