Komon Shinohara Kiseto Teabowl (Sample)


  • Komon Shinohara Kiseto Teabowl (Sample)
  • Komon Shinohara Kiseto Teabowl (Sample)
  • Komon Shinohara Kiseto Teabowl (Sample)
  • Komon Shinohara Kiseto Teabowl (Sample)

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Mr. & Mrs. Shinohara have created their own style from working in several different ceramic traditions all over Japan. Mr. & Mrs. Shinohara from Kyoto, blend many regional Japanese ceramic styles into their work.

Takashi Shinohara worked in Arita (Saga prefecture), Seto (Aichi prefecture) and Kyoto. His wife Megumi worked in Hasami (Nagasaki prefecture). In 2016, Takashi and Megumi moved to Kyoto and started making their own ceramic products from the knowledge and experience they gained.

The result of their work is a blend of many regional Japanese ceramic styles with extensive training in Aritayaki, Setoyaki and Hasamiyaki ceramic styles. Mr. & Mrs. Shinohara produce their own unique glazes and clay textures based on their previous experiences. From their creative use of traditional ceramic styles come unique pieces for daily use. Komon hopes you will be able to enjoy these ceramics everyday.

How to properly care and use ceramics:

-This is made of clay.

-Light coloured pottery may change colour if left for a long time with oil or dark sauce. Please wash as soon as possible.

-Recommend to wash by hand. Never dishwashing machine as this may crack the ceramic.

-Please dry well to protect them from mould.

-Not recommended to use in a microwave.

-Not to be used in oven.

-When storing in layers, you can prevent them from chipping by layering a cloth or paper in between.

With a little effort, you can use the vessel made with attention to detail for a long time.

Brand: Komon
Craftsman: Shinohara
Style: Kiseto - Yellow, with some parts turning green. It is a type of Setoyaki style from Gifu prefecture since the end of 1500's.

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