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Komon Yamagata Imono Natsume Small Tetsubin (Iron Kettle)


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Capacity 1000ml 33.8oz
Height 22.5cm 8.9in
Diameter 13.5cm 5.3in
Width 16cm 6.3in
Weight 1300g 2.9lbs

Iron Kettles forged in the Yamagata Casting Tradition
Around 1060 AD, casting craftsmen traveling with their warlord visited Yamagata Prefecture, and discovered the perfect clay for making Tetsubin (Iron Pot) molds. Using this material, they developed a style that resulted in beautiful, thin, yet incredibly durable castings that have given Yamagata Imono a legendary reputation in Japan. In 1974, Japan established the 'Traditional Crafts Industry Promotion Law',
in an effort to protect and cultivate the craftsmen, and preserve techniques that had helped shape Japan's history. Through this law, Yamagata Imono was certified as a Traditional Japanese Craft', and the excellence of the Yamagata Casting Style was officially recognized.

Komon offers Tetsubin (iron kettle) with a history of 950 years and 3 generations of
Yamagataimono company. The current president and his father were recognized as Dentokogeishi honoured Japanese Traditional Craftsman. Together with 3 more
staff, 2 craftswoman and older craftsman, they produce high quality handmade
Tetsubin (iron kettle) today.

The most popular product “Natsume” looks like a modern simple form which had
been made by the 1st generation of this company so you will be able to enjoy the
classical iron kettle that will last several lifetime from hand baking Urushi
painting. Smallest size of Natsume can hold up to 1L with a thin, long spout so it is
great for making drip coffee! Tetsubin (iron kettles) can remove chlorine in water
by boiling in Tetsubin. This is a one of the main reasons to use Tetsubin as its water is said to enhance the subtle flavours in tea and coffee.

Proper Use of Yamagatimono
These Yamagaitomono are made of hand-selected iron, and forged in the traditional techniques developed over 1000 years ago in Japan. They are incredibly functional, while also being a handsome show piece.

Instructions for First Use
By following these instructions, you can remove any hint of metallic taste, and discover the mild and sweet flavours only possible from an iron kettle.

Step 1: Fill with water, bring the water to a boil, and then drain. Do this 3 times. This process removes the anti-corrosive coating placed
in our iron kettles to protect them from rust during storage and shipment.

Step 2: During the first two weeks of use, the inside of the Tetsubin needs to be dried carefully. Not with a cloth, but with very low heat to evaporate the water gently. Dnot store the kettle with any water or moisture inside during this period of time.

When not in use, be sure to store in a dry area.
If you notice a metallic taste after this initial treatment, you can boil used tea leaves for 5 to 10 minutes. The tannins in tea, a polyphenol compound, help remove the cause of any metallic flavouring you might be noticing. If you notice scale
inside your kettle, this is simply limescale, as is left behind as deposits on the iron from water during the evaporation process.

Some people believe this adds a good taste, as well as adding health benefits, so you can leave it without worry. However, if you prefer to descale your iron kettle, there are instructions online you can follow. The surface of our Iron Kettles are treated with a high quality Urushi lacquer, giving them a handsome finish.

Proper Care and Use
- Please use a soft towel when wiping the outside.
By doing this with each use, the outer surface will become polished and even more beautiful.
-Do not wash the inside with abrasive soaps, or treat the inside with oil. This can bring back a metallic taste.
-This product is safe to use with induction heat.
-Please only use low heat on the stovetop.

Brand: Komon
Craftsman: Yamagata Imono
*Please note that Komon products vary, making each item unique. There may be some slight variations in size, finish, and texture from the photo presented here. 

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