Konosuke x Tosho (KT) Gyuto 225mm Ho Wood Handle


  • Konosuke x Tosho (KT) Gyuto 225mm Ho Wood Handle
  • Konosuke x Tosho (KT) Gyuto 225mm Ho Wood Handle
  • Konosuke x Tosho (KT) Gyuto 225mm Ho Wood Handle

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Konosuke is one of the most exciting Japanese knife companies to watch out for their appetite to do things differently from the norm. The company is well regarded for its incredible attention to detail and performance when it comes to its products. If you are a lover of beautifully-made functional tools that have a unique design philosophy, join the fandom (and the waitlist..). We at Tosho are extremely proud to be their partners, and look forward to the next shipment!

This version of the brand new KT finish is executed by a new sharpener that Konosuke recruited to work on this practical line of chef's knives. Kosuke-san's father hand-wrote the new kanji, which as been laser etched onto the blades. It features a thin convex grind that is reminiscent of the Ashi style grind, yet a bit more generous in thickness behind the edge making it more chip resistant. With the full stainless steel make-up along with the fantastic grind, this blade is perfect for an aspiring home cook or a professional chef looking for a reliable tool (or as a gift!).

A chef's knife ('Gyuto' in Japanese) is the most versatile blade that can handle almost anything in the kitchen. Their shape and often generous edge length mean that whether it's cutting small tomatoes or portioning a large roast, you can do it with one blade. Most cooks have multiple chef's knives and it is not hard to justify getting one more when it has so much utility.

Brand: Konosuke 幸之祐
Producing Area: Sakai-Osaka/ Japan
Profile: Gyuto
Size: 225mm
Steel Type: Stainless Steel
Steel: Mono AUS-8
Handle: Ho Wood & Buffalo Horn Ferrule Octagonal
Total Length: 366mm
Edge Length: 214mm
Handle to Tip Length: 227mm
Blade Height: 46mm
Thickness: 2.2mm
Handle Length: 140mm
Weight: 104g
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

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