Naniwa Diamond Whetstone #1000


  • Naniwa Diamond Whetstone #1000
  • Naniwa Diamond Whetstone #1000
  • Naniwa Diamond Whetstone #1000

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A great medium grit stone is a must in maintaining quality kitchen knives. This medium grit range is perfect for not only re-setting edges before using finer polishing stones, but also for creating practical, long-lasting edges on workhorse blades. This stone uses diamond abrasive, making it slightly higher price point and difficult to re-surface the top layer (we don't recommend using ATOMA or other diamond lapping plates on this stone, instead use a Naniwa Traditional #1000 or the nagura to flatten/resurface fresh abrasives) However, it rewards the users in excellent sharpening speed, and it retains its flatness much longer than other types of stones. 

Recommended usage: This is a splash-and-go stone, meaning no soaking prior to usage necessary. It excels at creating a toothy edge very fast, and requires a bit more attention from the sharpener when deburring. If you are sharpening a lot of edges (folder & fixed blades included) often, and can't be bothered with cleaning up slurry and flattening, this is a great stone. We do not recommend this stone for polishing laminated wide bevels, for it provides no contrast between hard and soft steels. It can be useful for re-setting over-sharpened ura of a single bevel blade. 

Brand: Naniwa ナニワ研磨工業
Product Type: Whetstone
Grit: #1000
Grain Scale: Middle

Comes with a nagura. 

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