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Nigara Hamono Troll Killer Sakimaru 300mm Ebony with Silver Spacer Handle


Located in Hirosaki city, near the northern tip of Honshu, Nigara Hamono is doing a lot of interesting forging work including making their own cladding patterns, etching and experimenting with unusual profiles and sizes.

On top of demonstrating the clear skills in forging and pattern welding, (I mean just look at the blade!) the craftsmen at Nigara hamono have ensured the function of the blade is not eclipsed by the aesthetics; the edge geometry on this blade is perfect for quick and fast touch ups, and when the patina sets-in after usage, it will create an even crazier look overtime!

You may have noticed that the tip shape of this Troll Killer is more acute and aggressive than other Sakimaru blades coming out of say, Sakai-city. This makes the blade look even more ‘edgy’, and this curved portion is 100% sharpen-able and usable (not always the case for many Sakimaru blades).

We must admit, we were uncertain about procuring this blade at first, because it is quite outside of the realm of Tosho’s usual taste in product curation. Now? We are certain that Nigara hamono’s work deserves a space in our line up.

A Sakimaru is simliar to a Takobiki, however the main difference is the tip shape ("Kissaki", meaning tip and "maru" meaning curved). It is a traditional Japanese octopus slicing blade that is single-sided/beveled and is recognized for it's very flat profile. These slicers may not be as versatile as its double-sided cousin, Sujihiki, but when it comes to pure slicing tasks of boneless protein (not just fish), a well-sharpened Sakimaru is unmatched in performance. It is a great addition for any cooks looking to prepare traditional Japanese style dishes.

Brand: Nigara Hamono
Blacksmith: Nigara Hamono 二唐刃物鍛造所
Profile: Sakimaru
Size: 300mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: Blue (Aogami) #2, Soft Iron Clad
Handle: Ebony with Silver Spacer & Double Buffalo Horn Ferrule Octagonal
Total Length: 464mm
Edge Length: 295mm
Handle to Tip Length: 313mm
Blade Height: 39mm
Thickness: 5.1mm
Handle Length: 151mm
Weight: 289g
Hand Orientation: Right Handed

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