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Toshihiro Wakui Nashiji White #2 Stainless Clad Sujihiki 270mm Ho Wood Handle


Wakui blades are one of our favourite knives because the quality you get for the price is very hard to beat. They are well balanced in the hand and feel durable because of the robust spine. The bevels are ground thin and very flat, making this a high performing blade. White #2 carbon steel is easy to sharpen, can take on a very sharp edge, and hold it for a long time. The core steel will oxidize and patina beautifully during use, whilst being easy to maintain thanks to the attractive stainless Nashiji cladding. We encourage those searching for their first carbon steel Japanese knife to look no further and discover Wakui.

**Please note, that the handle installation on Wakui knives is done by a traditional tang "burn-in". These handles can become loose due to dish washing, soaking in water for long periods of time, and/or exposure to high heat.

A slicer ('Sujiihki' in Japanese) is a valuable tool for skinning, trimming and/or portioning protein items (fillet of salmon or turkey breast). Depending on the length, professionals use it as a utility blade or use it during service on the line. For home cooks, a slicer is a great blade for those special times of the year where you want to get even slices without striations on your turkey breasts and other roasts. 

Brand: Toshihiro Wakui 聡宏
Blacksmith: Toshihiro Wakui 涌井 聡宏
Producing Area: Sanjo-Niigata/ Japan
Profile: Sujihiki
Size: 270mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: White (Shirogami) #2, Soft Stainless Clad
Handle: Ho Wood & Buffalo Horn Ferrule Octagonal
Total Length: 430mm
Edge Length: 274mm
Handle to Tip Length: 290mm
Blade Height: 34mm
Thickness: 4.7mm
Handle Length: 140mm
Weight: 150g
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Hardness: ~63HRC

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