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Yauji Yoshihiro Blue #2 Damascus Gyuto 240mm Ebony Handle (Single Bevel)


Working under Takefu Knife Village in Echizen, Japan, Yauji Yoshijiro is a highly experienced bladesmith who apprenticed under the tutelage of respected knifemaker Hideo Kitaoka. One of the few craftsmen making single bevel gyutos, his forging experiments have yielded some very interesting carbon steel blades. Yoshihiro’s journey dates back to his interest in DIY as a child, where he felt a deep connection with knives because in his words, they “represent the starting point of mankind.” The use of bladed tools during the Stone Age to cut down trees was the catalyst for the development of civilization in Yoshihiro’s eyes. Since 2019, Yoshihiro has been making knives independently and does all the forging, grinding, finishing and sharpening himself.

Made from Blue #2 carbon steel and clad in soft iron, Yauji Yoshihiro blades are fairly easy to sharpen while sporting great edge retention. These unique knives can be used in creative ways, for instance, as a tall yanagiba or a very long and thin usuba. Having a single-bevel can also lead to some interesting methods of cutting meat and softer vegetables. As an alternative to being a go-to kitchen knife, these can be a great investment for those looking for a unique sharpening project.

Note: these knives steer to the left and are designed only for right handed use. When the kasumi finish begins to fade over time with use, simply use Tosho’s In-House Kasumi Powder to restore its original beauty.

A chef's knife ('Gyuto' in Japanese) is the most versatile blade that can handle almost anything in the kitchen. Their shape and often generous edge length mean that whether it's cutting small tomatoes or portioning a large roast, you can do it with one blade. Most cooks have multiple chef's knives and it is not hard to justify getting one more when it has so much utility.

Brand: Yauji Yoshihiro
Blacksmith: Yauji Yoshihiro
Producing Area: Echizen-Fukui/ Japan
Profile: Gyuto
Size: 240mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: Blue (Aogami) #2, Soft Iron Clad
Handle: Ebony & Buffalo Horn Ferrule Octagonal
Total Length: 397mm
Edge Length: 246mm
Handle to Tip Length: 259mm
Blade Height: 52.4mm
Thickness: 3.4mm
Handle Length: 139mm
Weight: 232g
Hand Orientation: Right Handed

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