Nano Hone NL-4 Flattening Plate


  • Nano Hone NL-4 Flattening Plate
  • Nano Hone NL-4 Flattening Plate

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Nano Hone is an American company run by a husband & wife team, Harrelson and Sayuri Stanley, producing innovative and integrated sharpening products; we often call these the 'Apple' products of the sharpening world. The products are designed intuitively and conscientiously so that sharpeners can truly concentrate on improving their techniques without having to divert energy on unrelated issues (anchoring all the stones, cleaning up the mud and mess afterwords, being able to use the entire stones etc). 

We always recommend Nano Hone products to any sharpeners looking the ultimate sharpening set up. Period.

If you are looking to improve your sharpening results, it is imperative to keep your stone surface level, and flattening plates are cruical for this. The NL-4 is a traditional plated design, but the NL-4 has a raised diamond coated structures. This is specialized for flattening medium to low grit stones (#120 - #1500 range). It is the edges of these raised diamond structures that are doing the heavy material removal fast. The negative spaces also help the plate to move without clogging up, which is a common problem with standard plate designs such as ATOMA and DMT.  If you are looking for fast and smooth flattening, we recommend the NL-4.

Please do not use this lapping plate for sintered ceramics or diamond resin stones.


Brand: Nano Hone
Product Type: Flattening
Grain Scale: 130 Micron
Size: 240 x 60 x 15.25 mm
Weight: 570g

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