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Naniwa Professional Whetstone #600


A great medium grit stone is a must in maintaining quality kitchen knives. This medium grit range is perfect for not only re-setting edges before using finer polishing stones,  but also for creating practical, long-lasting edges on workhorse blades. If you were to have only one stone for most kitchen knife maintenance, it would be this grit.

Recommended usage: This is a splash-and-go stone, meaning no soaking prior to usage necessary.

It excels at creating a toothy, yet refined feeling edge for almost all types of steels. This stone feels much more like the Naniwa Professional #1000 than the #400, in a sense that it creates little slurry and better suited for edge making rather than wide bevel work (though it is certainly possible). It also feels a bit finer than other #600 stones and has decent feedback.

We highly recommend this stone to anyone seriously interested in getting a great edge that does not lose its practical aggression quickly. We do not recommend this stone for polishing wide bevels unless you have a lot of patience and experience in doing so. 

Brand: Naniwa ナニワ研磨工業
Product Type: Whetstone
Grit: #600
Grain Scale: Rough (closer to Medium)

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