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Komon Kameshima Seitojo Mikawa-Yaki Mokutan Kuro-Shichirin Konro


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Height 27cm 10.6in
Diameter 24.5cm 9.6in

Japanese Classic "Pressed" Charcoal Grill

  • Ideal for 1 - 5 persons
  • Great for quicker cooking and searing
  • Paper fans can be used to introduce oxygen to ignited charcoal to achieve higher cooking temperatures
  • Konro grills are best used with binchotan and steel skewers.

The Mikawayaki Mokuyan Kuro Shichirin is the original Konro style. The outer clay is very hard while the inside is diatomaceous clay. After firing the Konro, wet clay is used around the outside to seal the inner and outer layers. This wet clay seal is fragile, but can be repaired by dampening the clay and smoothing it out with a brush.

Shichirin (Konro) is the Japanese classic BBQ grills made of clay from Suzu City (Ishikawa prefecture in Japan).  Before gas stoves became popular, it was the most common item for grilling fish and vegetables at home. Shichirin (Konro) is a high heat insulated stove that reflects infrared rays. This keeps the grilled ingredients juicy and therefore, makes a favourable cooking method for Japanese chefs. The clay from this area is the only place where the best diatomaceous earth for Shichirin (Konro) can be taken. 

We offer two styles of Konro construction: "Pressed" and "Kiridashi"

As the name suggests pressed style of construction uses leftover clay (usually trimmings from the "Kiridashi" construction method) and is pressed into shape using a mold. This is a faster, less expensive and more sustainable way to make Konro, however, by this construction, it limits the natural air pockets found in "Kiridashi" made Konro.

"Kiridashi" style of construction allows the clay to have natural air pockets in the walls of the Konro (here's how it's done!). This allows for better heat insulation as it can retain the heat from charcoal for a longer time and at a more consistent temperature compared to the pressed styles of Konro. "Kiridashi" style of Konro are more labor intensive and therefore often more expensive.

How to use
- You can only use charcoal. When igniting, it is easy to ignite by using a small amount of newspaper or disposable chopsticks.

-If a clay plate is included with the Shichirin (Konro), it can help keep the airflow underneath the charcoal which helps the charcoal to burn. So please put the plate on the bottom and the charcoal on top.

- You can adjust the fire with a vent on the outside of the Shichirin (Konro).

- Because Shichirin is made of clay,  it can crack or break by banging or dropping.

- The bottom of the Shichirin will be high temperature.  Please do not touch when the fired charcoal is in it.  Please put the Shichirin on fireproof objects or on thick wooden boards, or on the ground when you use it

- When you want to move it with fired charcoal inside, please use thick cotton gloves (chemical fibre or rubber gloves can melt so do not use it)

- Ventilate well when using indoors. Since carbon monoxide is easily generated due to the use of charcoal, it is dangerous without ventilation.  Burning greasy foods can cause a large amount of smoke which can stain the ceiling and cause a fire.

- Do not place gasoline, kerosene, or other highly flammable materials near Shichirin.


- Do not wash Shinchirin with water as it may cause damage.

- Because it takes time to cool down, take out the charcoal or extinguish the fire as soon as possible after use.

- After use, turn the Shinchirin over and take out the charcoal and ash.

- Stain removal is not necessary, but if you are concerned about stains or odours, wipe the oil stains with a damp rag and scrape off the sticky stains with disposable chopsticks or wood.

- The vents on the outside can be most susceptible to damage by ash build-up. You can take the ash out by opening and closing the vent, or by knocking the ash out through the vent carefully.

Brand: Komon
Craftsman: Kameshima Seitojo 亀島製陶所
*Please note that Komon products vary, making each item unique. There may be some slight variations in size, finish, and texture from the photo presented here. 

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