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Komon Susudake Plane Chopsticks (with Kiribox)

25cm 9.8in
Width (Butt-end) 0.84cm 0.33in
Width (Tip)
0.25cm 0.10in

Susudake Bamboo Chopsticks from Shimane Prefecture

What is Susudake(煤竹)?
In 3000 BC, was the first time Japanese made houses roof called 茅葺屋根の家(thatched roof house) which is a house with a thatched roof and bamboo framework. At the time, 囲炉裏(Irori) a sunken hearth was used in the living area for cooking and to warm the house. The smoke from Irori made the bamboo framework turn into a dark color, as well as drying and stabilizing the bamboo strong for over 100 years. Every 150 - 200 years, the bamboo framework has to be changed. At this time of changing, the Susudake can be reused for other products or purpose. The products made from Susudake have over 100 years of history from the people and families who lived in these houses.

Mr. Kazuhiro Wakatsuki (若槻和宏) was as born in 1966 in Okuizumo in Shimane prefecture. From the time of his grandfather, Mr. Wakatsuki’s family made abacus using rods made from Susdake to hold counting beads. Over time, the demand for abacus started to disappear and Mr.Wakatsuki decided to continue using Susudake in a new way making new products.

Komon offers Susudake products in different sizes and finishes such as chopsticks, shoe horns, pendants and earrings. All of his products are made of Susudake, you can feel the natural polished texture and story from over 100 years. All Komon’s Susudake products will last a lifetime becoming smoother from daily use.

Proper Use & Care
With proper care and storage, Susudake can become even more beautiful, and can last you a lifetime.
- For cleaning, please only use warm water, and wipe with a soft, dry towel
- Do not use soap. Surfactants can damage and dull the elegant luster
- Do not place in dishwasher
- Do not use in boiling water for extended periods of time
- Do not expose to open flame
- Do not soak in water

Brand: Komon
Craftsman: Mr. Kazuhiro Wakatsuki (若槻和宏)
*Please note that Komon products vary, making each item unique. There may be some slight variations in size, finish, and texture from the photo presented here. 

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