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Nano Hone Stone Stage (Button Base) Stone Holder

**This is the new version with the centre hole, which is compatible with the new moon pond.
Nano Hone is an American company run by a husband & wife team, Harrelson and Sayuri Stanley, producing innovative and integrated sharpening products; we often call these the 'Apple' products of the sharpening world.  The products are designed intuitively and conscientiously so that sharpeners can truly concentrate on improving their techniques without having to divert energy on unrelated issues (anchoring all the stones, cleaning up the mud and mess afterwords, being able to use the entire stones etc).

We always recommend Nano Hone products to any sharpeners looking the ultimate sharpening set up. Period.
The Nano Hone stone stage (holder) is the solution to anchoring any sharpening stone with a Nano Hone stage plate to a stable platform. During sharpening, especially when high-pressure is required, stones without a solid base moves around too much, affectiing efficiency and the end result. This holder removes this problem better than any other holders we have used, and the sting of the initial investment quickly passes with the exceptional sharpening results you can achieve over and over again. 

When using pre-existing stones with this holder, we highly recommend purchasing the Nano Hone stage plates separetely to enjoy the security and efficieny in sharpening. In addition, these sharpening bases from Nano Hone are great to use along with the holder to easily contain and clean up the sharpening mess. 


Brand: Nano Hone
Product Type: Stone Holder
Size: 265mm x 75mm x 38mm
Weight: 1905g

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