Takeda Hand Whetstone #400/ #1200


  • Takeda Hand Whetstone #400/ #1200
  • Takeda Hand Whetstone #400/ #1200
  • Takeda Hand Whetstone #400/ #1200

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*To learn how to use this stone, please check this video out from Shosui Takeda

These handheld sharpening stones are an original design by Shosui Takeda's grandfather.  The handle was an addition to a standard stone design as it was meant for a handy way to hold the stones, but also to protect the wrist from the sharp blades.  Takeda Hamono has tested out hundreds of stones with their knives, and found that these are optimal for their knives for easy use. #400 & #1200.

Newest addition to the stone collection - the finish is more refined.#800 & #1200.
Older stones - deeper scratch marks, but cuts faster than the newer stones.


Brand: Takeda 武田刃物
Product Type: Whetstone
Grit: #400/ #1200
Grain Scale: Rough/ Middle

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