Morihei Hishiboshi Whetstone #4000


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A fine grit stone is a great tool for pushing the edge a bit further, and a #4000 grit finish gives you similar refinement without sacrificing too much of the edge retention of finer stones. In addition, it is a practical range to have as a touch-up stone for professional cooks and home cooks alike. 

Recommended usage:  This is a splash-and-go stone, but right out of the box we recommend a 1-2m soak. It excels at creating a refined edge, with just a hint of toothiness on most steels. However, we particularly like this stone for creating good contrast on laminated wide bevels, albeit leaving light scratches on the soft steel. We highly recommend this stone for maintaining a practical finish on wide bevels, and as a touch-up stone for keeping fine edges. Lastly, these Morihei Hishiboshi stones work extremely well as a set, we highly recommend purchasing two to three different grits in the same series to fully benefit from their line up. 

Brand: Morihei 森平
Product Type: Whetstone
Grit: #4000
Producing Area: Tokyo/ Japan

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